sap course in bangalore

SAP Course in bangalore

There are various institutes offering SAP courses in Bangalore. The institute is known for its speed and efficiency when it comes to training. It offers the best possible quality of education without any compromises whatsoever.

SAP has been a market leader when it comes to providing ERP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. SAP has also partnered with Azure India Spaces to provide cloud services for these enterprises.

For the past few years, SAP in India have been focusing on their innovative program called “Faster Better Wiser” . This program is designed specifically to boost the performance of their employees and make them believe that they are committed towards the company’s long-term success. This work culture is one of the main reasons why SAP became one of the most successful companies in the world and this includes being ranked as number 1 by Fortune Magazine in 2014

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning systems or ERP systems are business management software packages that cover the entire range of enterprise resource needs. These include manufacturing, financial and human resources management.

The word is derived from the concept of an enterprise (a company or organization) using various resources, such as people and materials to produce goods or provide services.

What does Industrial SAP Competence mean?

Industrial SAP Competence is an international quality standard relating to a company’s ability to deliver Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. This standard was initiated by the German government in 2009 and endorsed by many other political bodies including the United Nations.

SAP is an internationally recognized brand when it comes to SAP ERP systems, thus meeting this certification standard automatically means that one will be able to provide world-class ERP packages with higher quality specifications.

What is the purpose of Industrial SAP Competence?

The idea behind this certification standard was founded on the basis of providing information so as to ensure that organizations are not just providing a service but ones that are worth giving money for and ones which are reliable

Best SAP Course in Bangalore

SAP is one of the most popular ERP software platforms. This is because it offers an easy-to-use and reliable operational model that helps companies to scale up their business.

Who is eligible for this sap course?

The course is perfect for those looking to start their journey in SAP. This is a course designed specifically for beginners, who have no prior experience in the industry. The training will be delivered by both experienced and expert trainers, who will help you learn the ropes of ERP software

SAP Training Course Content and Syllabus in Bangalore

The SAP course syllabus includes modules on real-time projects with the support of placement assistance. This is one of the main features that makes this SAP training institute in Bangalore the best when it comes to providing quality education to IT professionals.

Introduction to SAP FiCo Course

The SAP FiCo Course is the most innovative and advanced course in Bangalore which teaches you about SAP FiCo. It is delivered by professionals who have been certified and trained to teach this course extensively.

SAP FiCo is a highly popular software and the world’s leading SAP for manufacturing companies.
The FI Co Course certification will help companies to reduce their SAP run costs as well as increase their production levels.

SAP FiCo Course syllabus:

SAP R/3 Architecture

ASAP Methodology

Basic Settings in SAP Fico

Creation of company

Company code

Assign company code to company

Business area

Fiscal year variant

assign fiscal year variant to company code

Chart of accounts

Account groups

Retained earnings account

Posting period variant

Document type and no.ranges

Field status variant

Tolerance group

Global parameters

General Ledger (GL)

GL master record

New GL

Posting of document

Display balances of GL

Parking hold sample recurring accrual deferral documents

Foreign exchange

Reversal of documents

Interest calculation

Credit management

Accounts Payable (AP)

Vendor groups (MM and FI vendors)

No. Ranges for vendor accounts

Vendor master record

Tolerance group for vendors

House bank


Advance payments

Automatic payment program

Extended withholding tax

Terms of payments

Cash discount (received)

Purchase returns

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Customer group (SD and FI customers)

No. ranges for customers’ accounts

Customer master records

Advance receipts


Cash discount (granted)

Input & output tax

Bills of exchange


Asset Accounting

Chart of deprication

Account determination

Screen layout

Asset classes

Integration with FI


Deprication keys

Asset master

Sub asset master

Asset report

Deprication run

Sale of asset

Transfer of asset

Scrapping of asset

Capital work in progress

Controlling (CO)

Controlling area

No. ranges for controlling documents


Cost element accounting

Cost center accounting

Repost line items

Repost of cost

Actual overhead assessment

Planning cost center and cost element


Internal Orders





Budget profile

Profit Centre Accounting (PCA)

Controlling settings

Dummy profit center

Actual data

Profit center

Assignment of revenue elements

Choose accounts

Creation of cost object

Planning profit and loss items

Planning balance sheet items.

Transfer of pricing

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

Operating concern

Profitability segments

Assignment of controlling area to operating concern

Activate profitability analysis

Mapping of conditions to COPA values

Drill down report

Report painter

Product Costing

Creation of secondary cost element

Activity type

Price calculation

Work center


Cost sheet

Cost estimate with quantity structure

Cost estimate without quantity structure

Work in progress

Integration (with SD & MM module)

Procurement cycle

Integration with MM

Sales process

Integration with SD

Integration with asset accounting

Integration with controlling

Integration with PP


Financial statement version

GL reports accounts payable reports

Accounts receivable reports


Cash book reports

Copa reports

Real Time Scenarios

Resolving tickets


Implementation overview

Support and maintenance process

Types of SAP Course in Bangalore

  • SAP MM Course
  • SAP ABAP Course
  • SAP SD Course
  • SAP PP Course
  • SAP SD Course
  • SAP HANA Course

SAP FICO trainer Profile & Placements

  • More than 10+ Years of experience in SAP FICO Technologies
  • Has worked on 10+ realtime SAP FICO and other module projects
  • Experienced in a MNC companies.
  • Trained 500+ Students so far Completed number of CORPORATE Training.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • SAP FICO Funtional Real time Professional


what is sap fico course?

SAP FI Co Course is a course in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software that teaches people the fundamentals of R/3 and the Java application programming interface used by the SAP Business Suite.

SAP FICO is the Finance and Cost controlling module in SAP ERP. FI stands for Financial Accounting, CO stands for Controlling, and this module is used to manage the financial aspects of a company.

Who can do sap fico training in bangalore?

If you are interested in only the basic modules of SAP like the Associate Certification, then there aren’t any specific requirements for the course. However, for advanced levels and some selected modules of SAP, one might require prior work or project experience. Some examples of such SAP modules include SAP MM, PP, and PM where one needs to have work experience in the field of engineering. A simple commerce graduate like that in BCom or an MBA can go for SAP FICO without any further requirements.

Is SAP FICO a good career option?

SAP FICO is not a single product but an entire software suite that includes many different products like CRM, ERP, Supply Chain and Transportation Management.

This course will teach you what SAP FICO is and how it can help businesses succeed. You’re going to have to know how to make sense of the data presented and integrate it with other business systems depending on what your needs are and having a grasp on these concepts will help you best determine which one of our courses will be most appropriate for your company’s individual needs.

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