Difference between web design and UX design


User experience design or web design, the distinction isn’t necessarily clear cut. Often, these areas have some overlap making it more confusing. We shed some light on the overall similarities and differences, what each function may seem like for a designer, and whether it may be a fantastic fit for you.

web designing:

Web designing deals with producing things such as websites, online applications, websites, and’software as a service’ goods viewed on web browsers.


what is the role of web designing

A web designer’s purpose would be to take everything out of the UX designer and the UI designer and turn it into a usable site that individuals can socialize within a web browser or mobile device browser. 

A web designer frequently wears the hat of a UX and UI designer since their job addresses the consumer’s interaction and expertise of the site.

  • Doesn’t require the human-centered method of UX layout
  • Restricted in the domain of web design is tied to a web platform.
  • Has an extensive understanding of the graphic design and design software
  • Involves being both visual, motivated, and creative foresight
  • Always aware of some modifications within the web landscape
  • Concentrates on layout and the optical components of a web
  • Involves exceptional Comprehension of graphic layout, color schemes, button layout, layout design, Photoshop/Illustrator, Responsive layout, page design, and document preparation
  • Understands the latest methods of cross-browser compatibility and inventions in markup, design, and behavior
  • Contrasts the port using a brand’s colors, fonts, and individuality
  • Makes Sure the visuals are compelling for the consumer
  • Puts the content from the landing so that It’s aesthetically pleasing and can be Simple for the consumer

UX Design:


UX is a societal, analytical, and storytelling ability.

You have to speak with people and make them let you know what they want and then translate and utilize that information to think of possible situations where your user will interact together or use your merchandise. 

You examine your theory and always adjust based on consumer feedback to produce the intersection of this merchandise and the consumer’s experience of it pleasing.

What is the role of UX Design?

The User Experience designer’s job will be to work out the best method to interact with the item. The remarks and interactions with the consumer are always changing. It is the UX designer’s task to accommodate and rethink interactions consistently. The UX designer is continually connecting the company’s requirements to the user’s needs.

  • Manages the technology, conventions, and constraints of numerous platforms
  • Intends to deeply understand the way the user feels and thinks about merchandise; its attention is on the consumer’s habits, needs, emotions, goals, and expectations.
  • Concentrates on invention, implementation, or structure as per a Business
  • Involves consumer research and usability testing, interaction style, content strategy
  • Entails brainstorming ideas, refining, and tracing
  • Entails conducting polls and A/B split evaluations, making user profiles, wireframes, and prototypes
  • Eyeglasses a system or solution to provide the best experience to the consumer
  • Handles visual layout, design, usability testing, backend development, and information analysis
  • Manages post-launch maintenance and constant integration of developments
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